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44%* of women who exercise regularly do not wear sports bras.

Inadequate breast support, coupled with excessive breast movement, is the most likely cause of sore and tender breasts after exercise. Also, exercising without a good sports bra can make you uncomfortable, distract you and affect your confidence.

There are no muscles in the breast.

Only skin & Cooper's ligaments support breast tissue and any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing irreversible damage. Once breasts have dropped because of stretching these ligaments, nothing can naturally restore them to their former position.

Your breasts can bounce up to 14cm** when unsupported during exercise.

Even among 34As/75As, tests found that breast movement ranged up to an average of 40mm away from the resting place of the body, which can lead to breast sag.

Wearing a Shock Absorber sports bra is proven to reduce breast movement by up to 78%***.

This has proven to be as much as twice as effective at minimising breast movement as a 'normal' bra.

So you’ve got the high performance running shoes, the right sports kit and a training programme that’s going to get you as fit as you want to be.

But have you really thought of everything?

A good sports bra is as essential a piece of kit as a good pair of trainers, whatever sports activity and whatever your cup size.
In Shock Absorber, we apply unique scientific and technological research to our sports bra design, so every thread, stitch and contour gives you the best support and comfort.

Quick dry

Shock Absorber sports bras are developed with quick dry fabrics, eliminating rubbing in key hotspot areas and improving body temperature regulation for all activities.


Our garments need to work as hard as you during your work out. We use durable, abrasion resistant fabrics which minimise fabric pilling, to keep your Shock Absorber sports bra looking good for longer.

Moisture wicking

Our fabrics draw sweat away from the body, ensuring your skin keeps dry for a more comfortable work out.


All of our products are made with breathable sports performance fabrics which allow air to circulate to the skin, essential to keeping you cool when exercising.

Add to that innovative fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking, durable and quick drying, and it’s not surprising we’re the award winning, number one sports bra brand****.

award1 award2 award5

* GFK U&A 2012

** University of Portsmouth 2005 (Scurr et al)

*** University of Portsmouth 2009 (Scurr et al) - testing against « no bra » conditions

**** Kantar Worldpanel data 2011, UK market