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Utltimate Fly Bra Launches

We launch our latest innovation featuring patented technology. Our Cross Control technology combines laser cutting, bonding and moulding to offer high impact support with total comfort. It's so light and supportive you will forget you are wearing a sports bra, allowing you to focus solely on your performance.


We get a makeover

We begin the Olympic year by revealing a dynamic new look for our logo and brand.


Running? Serving? Throwing?

Groundbreaking new research commissioned from the University of Portsmouth leads to the creation of our sports specific range. For the first time runners, racket sports players and ball sports players get specialised support for their body in movement.


3D breast movement research

The bounce-o-meter, a major piece of research from the University of Portsmouth is the first to investigate 3D breast movement during exercise, at varying speeds with women up to a G cup. It measures bounce in three conditions - with no bra, with an ordinary bra and with a Shock Absorber sports bra. Results show that a Shock Absorber sports bra can reduce bounce by twice as much as a normal bra!


A fresh face for the games

Longjump champion Jade Johnson becomes the new spokeswoman for Shock Absorber to celebrate the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, promoting the importance of wearing a sports bra though a national schools programme.


Only the ball should bounce

Anna Kournikova becomes the face of Shock Absorber, fronting a UK-wide ad campaign to educate women on the importance of wearing a sports bra.


Ready for launch

Having developed a collection of sports bras designed to different impact levels, with a wide range of style choices and cup sizes up to G, Shock Absorber is launched with endorsement from sporting legend Sally Gunnell.


Research into action

Research carried out at Edinburgh University prompts the development of the original Shock Absorber bra. Designed to counteract the negative effects of exercise on women's bodies, it's a unique breakthrough for athletes and sportswomen worldwide.